Leaving River City

When last we spoke I was in the mountains of North Carolina just returned from the South Pacific and attempting some kind of surgery on my Aperture library and trying to resuscitate technology after several years of hard travel.  

Well the spoiled ending to that not-at-all tedious process was that nothing was salvaged.

I returned to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, then to an organic farm in the mountains outside of Asheville to apparently do absolutely no work at all on a book.  

The underlying theme of the past 10 months being little to no internet.  In the beginning this  sounds like a very nice thing but in reality is terribly annoying, isolating, and frustrating.

Flash forward to today.  I’ve arrived to Albuquerque for a 3 month stint here at one of the local hospitals.  I’ve walked away from Apple's Aperture forever and have spent several months learning Lightroom which has been a joy.  I’ve upgraded my essential gear and am enjoying internet and green chiles. 

There is travel ahead this year with returns to China to teach scheduled and a hike of the Camino de Santiago this summer.  After that big changes are in the works but I’m the last person who will know how they turn out.